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OHB Luvaboy TJ – ActiveChuckss CEO-Artist Duse M’$-
GNino-DMack-Duse M’$-Lil Stretch- Joe Moses

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Welcome to the Official Website of ActiveChuckss™ 

An entertainment, management, production, clothing company and charitable organization started by Lamonte “Duse M’$” Sims Sr. 

Duse M’$ began making music as a teen in California Youth Authorities. Once released he began working on his first mixtape with a local independent label , even performing in the Best In The West event sponsored by Budweiser and 92.3 the Beat..

As business didn’t work out Duse M’$ envisioned creating an indie label that could serve as a positive in Los Angeles for young gang members who sought another way different from what the street offers. Duse M’$ envisioned hip hop as the platform to do just that and now you have activechuckss!! 

Tank Loec, Breeze like The Wind, Relly TBars, Luvaboy TJ, OHB, Jon Geezy, Phreckles, and others..  It’s been a long time coming, but LA is changing and we are here to change the narrative not only in hip hop but in our communities.

The Revolution broadcasted exclusively on


Est. 1968

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