You Amerikkkans are the dumbest people on Earth. Not all but half of the country . You work so hard ,to keep up car notes and pay mortgage,bills,and you’re retirement. All the while the ruling elite wealthy, continue to get richer off of your hard work. Scam you off your retirement, and insurance policies.. The establishment has a death grip on all the integral institutions running the country.. Yet you dumb MFs keep voting in politicians that are part of the establishment, not just DONALD Trump but all democrats and republican representatives who’ve all have alliances and pledges to their party, before you. We need to get the people,  teachers, firemen, scientist ,on the ballot to represent the people .I’m a hip hip artist and small business owner registered with ASCAP, A SOCIETY SUPPOSED TO COLLECT PERFORMANCE ROYALTIES ON BEHALF OF MY COMPANY,  AND ARTIST…. BUT IN REALITY THEY EXPLOIT OUR IGNORANCE. JOIN US IN OUR FIGHT AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT. #

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