Lamonte “Duse M ‘$” Sims, The Melinated Warrior

As a kid enduring physical and psychological abuse, he still fought to live. Facing 4 to 1 odds against him in a prison race riot , yet he stood fearlessly against oppression and aggression  towards his people.  Stemming from that riot, Lamonte “Duse M’$” Sims sr  was reindicted for assault on federal correctional officers “Andres Gutierrez” and “Steve Flores”, in which Duse M’$ fought , and after a trial by jury was acquitted!!   YouTube refused to take down each of the links of Lamonte “Duse M ‘$” Sims sr. viral video “Hit Yo Brimin ” ,, Lamonte taught himself law, filed the Copyright infringement lawsuit in Pro se , from a level 4 California state prison cell . After 3 years of fighting YouTube (a multi $billion company) , and it’s parent company Google (a multi $billion company) are the 1st of 54 defendants named in Copyright Infringement lawsuit to reach  settlement for an undisclosed amount..

  Now Duse M’$  fights for our future by investing time towards supporting the youth with time and care. “ActiveChuckss Presents Back to School supply drive.  Sept 3, 2022 for Clark County School district in Las Vegas..

 Duse M’$ fought against hunger last labor day , Bar B Queing on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles “ActiveChuckss Presents Feed The People ” …

  Duse M’$ fought for peace ✌🏿 and to overturn qualified immunity and hold bad cops accountable!! In South Central Los Angeles , Compton, and Watts.. (9:44-10:44 )

“ActiveChuckss Presents Black History Struggle ” Las Vegas 

 Duse M’$ even fought against the self hate he recognized within, and countered that with self love and self pride as a melinated Celestial Being.  In any event when you fought so many battles ,on so many fronts, you realize that where you previously saw these as separate battles, you now recognize those battles amount to a war. You are no longer a fighter but a warrior.. And you were, are ,and will , continue to be under attack..  

  Just an introduction to Lamonte “Duse M ‘$” Sims The Melinated Warrior..

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