Who IS Yah L??

I met Yah L on Clubhouse and he put me up on the work he does with the youth in his Yah jects… From there I discovered he was featured on one of my favorite songs out, https://youtu.be/mPQ8LYgYbgI..

From that point we began talking about working with each other and Yah L joined my Clubhouse room,I pulled strings to get release for Yah l upcoming single ” section” ft. Joe moses and Coyotes for Hire,(as Coyotes are managed by Wack 100.) ..

As things turned out Wack 100 was an opportunist and would later bring Platinum artist Roddy Ricch to clubhouse , to ‘talk to ‘ Yah L, but would mute Yah L from speaking his position, while Roddy Ricch just popped it , lying about his initiation in the Park Village Compton Crips, a place that has a meuro of Yah L, due to his work with the youth in his community.. Just imagine Nipsey Hussle died before getting his meuro on Crenshaw… The confrontation went viral even making the culture vulture Akademiks page nearing a million views.. https://youtu.be/c7o-9zbW4MA.. Unbeknownst to Yah l , this was intentional, as Wack 100 used that opportunity to secure a Roddy Ricch feature for one of his artist, in return for painting the false narrative of Yah L as a hater of Roddy Ricch, and to silence Yah L voice..

New to the dirty politics of LA hiphop scene, Yah L being the creative he is responded with ” 3 Seconds” Roddy Ricch diss song , explaining his issue.. https://youtu.be/sO97tHt08_4..

Yah L is well respected in Los Angeles and had music on the radio before his issue with Roddy Ricch, and will continue to drop hits after the corporate efforts of the system to silence him. Who is Yah L??? The Resistance to Wack 100 , Roddy Ricch, and the industry that exploits our culture instead of helping build our communities.. #Yahjects

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