Wyte Privilege The Inheritance Of Wyte supremacy.

I know this segment will be viral, and I hope youtubers and blogs echo this reporters rendition of the facts.. Yet, most Melinated beings indigenous to this planet, believe that cooperating with law enforcement is the best for our people. The Slavecatchers, privileged to demean , disrespect us , and execute your people in the street with impunity!! #overturnqualifiedimmunity

To all supporting πŸ€, judas’, Wild Bill- William O’Neal, Reverend AL Sharpton, and Charleston White, aligning themselves with the Beast, against God’s Children, fall with the Beast, “Mystery Babylon”, in the Book of Revelations…

You are not of our people, for your father is the devil!! ….. I’m no Democrat, but this lawyer- reporter is saying what most you wyte washed house ni@$as will denie, because you benefit from the system of wyte supremacy, for bowing to our oppressor. You bow humbly to wyte supremacy.. πŸ˜₯ please share this link , listen until the end…

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