1 Battle Won. The War Persists

Most people don’t understand how hard it is to meet the burden of proof the AG did in this video, the laws are tools used to keep us in bondage… The judicial system permits proxies of the federal government to use deadly force, against it’s “subjects”, citizens, and because that force further consolidates the establishment’s rule, holds it citizens to one standard of law, then holds law enforcement or proxies of the government to a different standard of law, essentially creating a second class citizen , of the rest of the American population..

This is where Qualified Immunity exposes the hypocrisy of the American Democratic experiment.. Qualified Immunity is what prevents bad cops from being held accountable, when they choose deadly use of force, against unarmed American citizens, “subjects” .. [Who still believes Abraham Lincoln noble? Being that he was the first president to authorize the Federal government’s use of deadly force against “We The people “]

As long as we are U.S citizens ,we are under U.S jurisdiction, and thus bound by U.S. laws… As long as We The People remain separated by race, religion, age, and sex, We the People will remain subjects to the USA, Inc.


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