The Justice Dept. Feeds off Melinated People

Judge Cannon and her rulings exposed the inconsistencies in the judicial system when it’s dealing with melinated people and wyte America. 

Judges are given such discretionary powers to essentially rule how they see fit.. And the 11th circuit courts of appeal quick response to the Justice department appeal to judge Cannons, erroneous holding, almost never is heard in 1 week or 2 weeks.. Most appellants sit incarcerated waiting months or years , while the appellate process takes place. 

Cannon shouldn’t be disgraced by this erroneous ruling as such inconsistencies in This “Just Us” , is apart of the genetic makeup of this government. Wyte privilege, and financial advantages have conditioned judicial institutions to view crimes typically violated by wyte Americans one way, (white collar) and crimes typically committed by melinated people differently. Special thanks to the media for their contributions to such propaganda, The War on Drugs, The war on Gangs , The War on terror,and other prejudicial subliminal messages into the mind of the masses, while the prison industrial complex extorted billions in taxpayers $ , to protect public from dangerous guys who sold 56 grams of Crack cocaine….. punishing such 100 to 1 ratio, While the major suppliers of Cocaine usually not African Americans, get slaps on the wrist. Special shouts to Ronald Reagan, George Bush sr., Oliver North and the CIA, who funded their covert war vs Sandinista government on the backs of black families, black babies, and the black family structure.

These inequalities are shocking to most Americans but not to melinated people who have been here through slavery, Jim Crow, Cointellpro, Iran Contra, the Civil rights Era, Watts riot, we know this governments mode of operandi.. We watch you put European immigrants in position of power by stealing land from our indigenous folks. You could live off the land, long as you have enough labor to work them fields.. CEO by Blood, rape, and kidnapping.. So who’s the real savages??

The arch deceiver, fooled the people with a notion of blind justice,, do any American still believe such? With more than a prima facia showing of ownership of property by DOJ, Judge Cannon made her own standard of proof, ” The tarnishment of Trump’s reputation as the standard, essentially pausing investigation of the ex president by FBI.. Smh. What repercussions will she face?? None because it is the American way..

Most have seen 13 about the loop hole in the 13th amendment and how the south were able to get free labor after slavery , by locking up melinated former slaves for pety crimes. If that wasn’t enough to understand that we are up against it with the judicial branches war vs my people, then shame on you.. We can’t win when playing by the rules written by the enemy. We need to be a law unto ourselves. Sovereignty is true freedom. I’m willing to sacrifice for that, how about you?? Let’s end the Judicial branches feast on our people

Lamonte “Duse M ‘$” Sims sr

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