Cs #2 Back broken down with paperwork

Alot of us have been psychologically “broken,” through our mothers,(1st teachers) being broken, or their parents being broken as slaves, through techniques outlined in Willie Lynch letters. Old v. Young, dark v. Lightskin, women v. Male,, so you are blind to why it’s relevant to who is aligned to this government and it’s interests. You view yourself as Americans, and thus don’t view the government as your enemy. The police force in America began in Boston, and they were slave catchers, and every citizen had to serve a term as slave catcher, or face fines or other penalties.

It’s no coincidence that that same force kills unarmed melinated citizens in 2022. The government has protected these officers through legislation called qualified immunity. This essentially created a second class citizen for any not a government officer or agent thereof. Every great leader we’ve had was targeted by this government and it’s proxies, usually recruiting one of our own to set us up.

So today’s William O’Neal award goes to Confidential Source #2 Back. Check this out. https://youtu.be/64Ei-RtbhGc

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