Black On Black Crime Myth Or Reality?

85% of wyte people killed in Amerikkka each year are murdered by other wyte people. Yet we never hear the term wyte on wyte crime. “Black on Black crime” is a term that’s been coined specifically for Black people to create feelings of self hatred and disunity within our race. It’s a tactic of divide and conquer.–I

So while non violent cowards are afraid, to hold the government accountable, for their role in all this, they find it easier to “criminalize” melinated people, who’ve already been criminalized by the government through its proxies, the Mass Media. Black on Black crime is a false narrative marketed to the masses , to keep us blaming ourselves and not holding the government accountable.. Divide and conquer.. When the truth is, it’s called Crime -Murder by proximity.!!!

The black on black crime narrative made it easier to tax-extort U.S. citizens, for the cost of mass incarceration; “The War on Drugs”, “The War on Gangs” ,”CointellPro”, “Iran Contra”, which generated Billions ,if not trillions in corporate profits ,through the “Prison Industrial Complex”.. Lobbyist used the ” Black on Black Crime”narrative to fundraise, to create laws, that target our melinated impoverished communities , with longer prison sentences , in comparison to their wyte counterparts, for the same damn crime!!! This decimated the black family structure..

So when you look for direction on how to proceed forward, Stop, listening to passivist, conformist, and elitist, who’s main focus is blaming our own community , and melinated people , for everything wrong-negative in our community. Listen to those who hold themselves accountable, and to a higher standard, all the while fighting against Inequalities within this system, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!… Time to focus on the real enemy.

Our community can support our Charleston Whites and Wack 100, or we can support our Malcolm X’s and Nipsey Hussles, but we cant have both.. You decide…

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