Cs #2 Back broken down with paperwork

Alot of us have been psychologically “broken,” through our mothers,(1st teachers) being broken, or their parents being broken as slaves, through techniques outlined in Willie Lynch letters. Old v. Young, dark v. Lightskin, women v. Male,, so you are blind to why it’s relevant to who is aligned to this government and it’s interests. You view yourself as Americans, and thus don’t view the government as your enemy. The police force in America began in Boston, and they were slave catchers, and every citizen had to serve a term as slave catcher, or face fines or other penalties.

It’s no coincidence that that same force kills unarmed melinated citizens in 2022. The government has protected these officers through legislation called qualified immunity. This essentially created a second class citizen for any not a government officer or agent thereof. Every great leader we’ve had was targeted by this government and it’s proxies, usually recruiting one of our own to set us up.

So today’s William O’Neal award goes to Confidential Source #2 Back. Check this out. https://youtu.be/64Ei-RtbhGc

The Justice Dept. Feeds off Melinated People

Judge Cannon and her rulings exposed the inconsistencies in the judicial system when it’s dealing with melinated people and wyte America. 

Judges are given such discretionary powers to essentially rule how they see fit.. And the 11th circuit courts of appeal quick response to the Justice department appeal to judge Cannons, erroneous holding, almost never is heard in 1 week or 2 weeks.. Most appellants sit incarcerated waiting months or years , while the appellate process takes place. 

Cannon shouldn’t be disgraced by this erroneous ruling as such inconsistencies in This “Just Us” , is apart of the genetic makeup of this government. Wyte privilege, and financial advantages have conditioned judicial institutions to view crimes typically violated by wyte Americans one way, (white collar) and crimes typically committed by melinated people differently. Special thanks to the media for their contributions to such propaganda, The War on Drugs, The war on Gangs , The War on terror,and other prejudicial subliminal messages into the mind of the masses, while the prison industrial complex extorted billions in taxpayers $ , to protect public from dangerous guys who sold 56 grams of Crack cocaine….. punishing such 100 to 1 ratio, While the major suppliers of Cocaine usually not African Americans, get slaps on the wrist. Special shouts to Ronald Reagan, George Bush sr., Oliver North and the CIA, who funded their covert war vs Sandinista government on the backs of black families, black babies, and the black family structure.

These inequalities are shocking to most Americans but not to melinated people who have been here through slavery, Jim Crow, Cointellpro, Iran Contra, the Civil rights Era, Watts riot, we know this governments mode of operandi.. We watch you put European immigrants in position of power by stealing land from our indigenous folks. You could live off the land, long as you have enough labor to work them fields.. CEO by Blood, rape, and kidnapping.. So who’s the real savages??

The arch deceiver, fooled the people with a notion of blind justice,, do any American still believe such? With more than a prima facia showing of ownership of property by DOJ, Judge Cannon made her own standard of proof, ” The tarnishment of Trump’s reputation as the standard, essentially pausing investigation of the ex president by FBI.. Smh. What repercussions will she face?? None because it is the American way..

Most have seen 13 about the loop hole in the 13th amendment and how the south were able to get free labor after slavery , by locking up melinated former slaves for pety crimes. If that wasn’t enough to understand that we are up against it with the judicial branches war vs my people, then shame on you.. We can’t win when playing by the rules written by the enemy. We need to be a law unto ourselves. Sovereignty is true freedom. I’m willing to sacrifice for that, how about you?? Let’s end the Judicial branches feast on our people

Lamonte “Duse M ‘$” Sims sr

WACK 100 “Back”, Confidential Source #2


This proclaimed millionaire seems to gravitate towards negativity , when all I know from our struggle strive to change their families life, and get above the bullshit. This near 50 year old man who believes ” on piru” is the version of elder our seeds need to see.

people like “Back” Confidential Source #2 aren’t really for our community…. They are aligned with corporations that benefit off exploiting “Us”…. Those profiting on black death….. We choose Life!

Well I am honored to expose you fraud!

1) You said Studderbox told on you .. He says you were on wiretap conspiring to murder.. ???

2) You admit that feds raided your spot, and you met them people on the 64 floor. What did you tell them??

3)You tried to contact DelDog telling the mainstreets that Studderbox went bad…. You only know he was bad because he put them onto you, feds only come with reliable source. So what they really book you for??

4) DelDogg didn’t trust you with his number because you were neighbors with and close to Studderbox. Only way you knew Studderbox was ratting and the phones were tapped was if you were also “Working ” ……. DelDogg bless his soul was sharp, he knew that you both were trying to take him down … Wack boy!!!


Activechuckss charitable org 501 (c)(3).

September 3rd 2022, Activechuckss charitable org. , “Back 2 School supply drive” for Clark County School district students…. So if you are in the Las Vegas area pull up !! Special performance and guest speakers..First come first serve, when it’s over it’s over…

Pearson community center.. We official.. https://donatestock.com/activechuckss-charitable-org

1 Battle Won. The War Persists

Most people don’t understand how hard it is to meet the burden of proof the AG did in this video, the laws are tools used to keep us in bondage… The judicial system permits proxies of the federal government to use deadly force, against it’s “subjects”, citizens, and because that force further consolidates the establishment’s rule, holds it citizens to one standard of law, then holds law enforcement or proxies of the government to a different standard of law, essentially creating a second class citizen , of the rest of the American population..

This is where Qualified Immunity exposes the hypocrisy of the American Democratic experiment.. Qualified Immunity is what prevents bad cops from being held accountable, when they choose deadly use of force, against unarmed American citizens, “subjects” .. [Who still believes Abraham Lincoln noble? Being that he was the first president to authorize the Federal government’s use of deadly force against “We The people “]

As long as we are U.S citizens ,we are under U.S jurisdiction, and thus bound by U.S. laws… As long as We The People remain separated by race, religion, age, and sex, We the People will remain subjects to the USA, Inc.


I Am

If you can dream it, you can think it, if you can think it you can begin to envision the things that you must do to make your dream reality…

Obviously, it takes dedication, focus, sacrafice, fortitude, persistence, and self restraint, but how bad do you desire to live your dreams? Is this really your priority?

The All within All is within All that is. Just as All that is , is within the All .. The most high made us in his image, the creator, with our ability to create thought.

Noone will fully understand your vision until they see it manifest from your mind into reality. Thus , I can’t expect them too.

Lamonte Sims I Am..

Evolution Is A Scientific law

Certificate Of Registration of Copyright.” Hit Yo Brimin”

Crowdsignal blocks in WordPress

Welcome to this little demo page! We would love to introduce you to our set of Crowdsignal blocks and created this post for you, so that you can test and play with all of them right inside of your editor.

Preview this post if you would like to test the Crowdsignal blocks from your visitors perspective. Oh and please feel free to delete this draft post anytime, it was only created for demo purposes.


Let’s start with a quick overview of all our current blocks available in your WordPress editor. You can find all these blocks inside your block library via searching for their name or simply by searching “Crowdsignal”.

If you want to learn more about Crowdsignal please go to crowdsignal.com and join our little community all about feedback here.


We all have opinions! Curious about the opinion of your audience? Start asking with our poll block. It makes creating a poll as fast and simple as listing bullet points.

 You can choose between a button or a list style for your answer options, and you can fully customize the styling of the block.  By default the poll block will support your theme styling, but it’s up to you if you want to keep it. You can customize the style how you want, from font-family to border colours.

Just click in the poll below and start editing.

And everything else you expect from a Crowdsignal poll is also available — such as setting “single answer” or “multiple answer” choices, a customised confirmation message, poll timeframe, and avoidance of double voting.

Here is a short demo video for how to set up this block, not that you would need it 😉

Feedback Button

You might have spotted it already, in the bottom left corner of this page: Our Feedback button.

This is a floating button that lives above your site’s content. Always visible this button makes giving feedback easy! User can send you a message and provide their email address so you could can get back to them. Needless to say that you can fully customize the design and text, including the label of the button itself. Feel free to make it a “Contact me” or “Say hello” button or anything you like.

And yes, you can change its placement! You can put the button in any corner of your site. Just try it! Click in the feedback and start editing.

Don’t miss out on your customers’ feedback. Keep your door open anytime and place a feedback button on all your pages.


Sometimes we need just quick and fast feedback from our audience. A quick voting button might be all you need. Fully customizable of course.

There is already a “like” button at the end of a WordPress post that you can click to express satisfaction or agreement. But what if you want to ask readers their opinion on a subject in the middle of a post? Or what if you want to present several ideas and find out which one is the most popular? Wouldn’t it be great to ask readers what they think without having to leave the editor or switch to another service or plugin?

That’s what we thought! Say hello to our Voting Block:

It’s a simple block that adds two voting buttons—thumbs up, thumbs down—to your post wherever you want to place them. Customize the block in different sizes and colors, with or without a border, and with or without a visible vote counter. Put several in a single post, next to different ideas, to see how they stack up for readers. Make the block your own!


The Applause block is a simpler and more playful version of our Voting block. The main differences are users only being able to give positive feedback and encouraging users to “make as much noise as they want”. Meaning this block does not only allow repeated voting, but even encourages it.

Let your audience make some noise with a big round of applause.

Preview this post and try clapping yourself! It’s fun.

The block currently comes in three different sizes, and can be customised with a button-like styling, including a border, border radius and some colour customisation options.

Embed Surveys & Forms

So far we only talked about quick and fast ways to collect feedback or opinions from your audience. But what if you have many questions or want to create simple forms? You can do this with Crowdsignal, too! Create a survey or form on app.crowdsignal.com and embed it into your WordPress post or site. Similar like here:

The Crowdsignal survey above was embedded using our “Single question per page mode.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: In this mode, no matter how many questions your survey has, your respondents will always see one question at a time. Single Mode shines when you embed a survey into your website or blog post. Surveys with multiple questions can take up a lot of space, overwhelming your site. If you’re not sure whether your readers will take the survey at all, it disrupts the reading experience. With Single Mode, a survey  uses the same amount of space as an image, even a really long survey.

Once they provide an answer (or skip the question),  the next question loads. It has a playful  feel, like flipping through a slide show. Every answered question feels like progress.

You can choose between several transition options, and decide whether the questions should move from top to bottom, or from left to right.

Ready to create one? Here’s how:

– Go to app.crowdsignal.com (we will log you in with your WordPress.com account – magic ;)) .

– Create a new survey.

– In the Editor, choose “Single Mode” at the top left.

– Then create as many questions as you like and style your theme.

– When you are ready click on Sharing and copy the URL of your survey.

– Go back to your WordPress editor and paste the URL of your survey into your post

– Done! Your survey will appear in your post.

Here is a short demo video for you that shows you how it works in less than a minute:

Measure NPS

While we are driving our projects, working hard on our products, we all wonder: How are we doing? Are people satisfied with our service? Are we doing better since last month? 

Sometimes you want to measure your progress over time. Measure and monitor the customer satisfaction and growth potential of your product with a Net Promoter Score.

We have built a Gutenberg block for you that makes it easier than ever before to track your Net Promoter Score on WordPress. If you have previewed this post before, you might have seen the NPS question already in a modal window.

The moment you add the block, you are basically done. The design of the block is based on your site’s theme. You can still customize the styling of the block, or edit the questions, but that might not even be necessary.

To get the most out of your NPS data, it is important to show the question only to users that are already familiar with your service or product. You can configure the block to only show to repeat visitors. It’s more likely you will get feedback from someone who knows what they are talking about, and you can make sure new users are not interrupted during their first visit to your site.

After you publish the block go to the results page of the block and monitor your results. We have built a special results page for you to track your NPS score and to analyse any additional feedback.

We provide an analytics dashboard with our block that automatically calculates the Net Promoter Score for you in real-time and allows you to monitor your score over time. Are the differences geographic? Filter your results based on countries.

By the way, did you know you also can get email notifications or a ping in your Slack channel any time you get an NPS rating? Just click on the little “connect” button on your results page.

Here is a quick tutorial video on how it works.