The All Gallant Amazon

Our Amazon….the illustrious and all glorious.  We look at Amazon as that tall, dark, and handsome young man coming to our home to court our daughters; clean cut, courteous, mannerable, and respectful.  He picks our daughter up, takes her out for a nice evening, and even brings her home well before curfew.  Never do we doubt him, not even when he eventually marries her. He becomes our perfect and ideal son-in-law.  Quality items, at always reasonable prices, and speedy delivery.  Movies, music, books, etc.; anything we desire.  Taking care of all of our every need.

Not the sinister and menacing entity that as of this week wrongfully terminated hoards of low-level entry level customer service employees.  These employees are multi-trained in at least 3-4 different departments, and work every last bit of each one everyday, and are paid $10.00/hr., barely making $20K a year.  But, why were they fired, “pray tell?”  Oh, these lowly employees, who are from different states and locations, and do not even know each other, were fired for so called “security breach.”  They have been accused of hacking into Amazon’s impenetrable system.  OMG right?  Did you ask what information they stole?  Well, the answer is NOTHING.  No information was taken, exchanged, or leaked.  Meaning, these horrid people that only make $10/hr. hacked into the system for absolutely no purpose or gain whatsoever.  Makes no sense.  If they were all so talented, they would be working for Microsoft, Apple, or some really high tech institution making thousands upon thousands of dollars.

This is one of Amazon’s many ruses.  Instead of just having a lay off, they terminated these people.  In order to save money on severance packages, and avoid a stain on the Amazon name/brand if they were to announce lay offs.

Oh you say Amazon wouldn’t do that!!!! Oh they wouldn’t huh?

This is the same company that publishes and sells artists’ copywritten music without prior consent; making a nice profit off of someone else’s hard work, talent, and notoriety, and not paying the artist a dime.  Why don’t you know about any of this???  Because once caught, and the light shined on them, our beloved Amazon sweeps it under the rug by offering settlement agreements under the guise of anonymity or nondisclosure and closed door agreements.  Let’s not forget that out of there over 100 Executive senior officials and/or managers, only 10 of are minority descent, of which 6 are Asian, and 1 woman.[1]  You want to see minorities?  Well you won’t see any at the executive lunch or in suit and tie at an annual budget meeting.  You will only see them in nonprofessional warehouse/fulfillment centers.  How nice!!!

How is our tall, dark, and handsome son-in-law looking now?  He has taken our figurative daughter, married her, allegorically beat her up, mistreated her, divorced her and then bought her back home to us; a broke, beat down, belittled, and crushed mess.

Just like any other huge corporate body, Amazon has been systematically raping us as consumers for decades.  Drawing us in on the service, with an imaginative nice and shiny toy.  Mesmerizing and enticing us with the idea that we not only want this shiny toy, but we also need it.  All the while, all it really is, is a shiny piece of sh*t.  Why are we so easily fooled??? Because we like shiny stuff.  Shiny things are able to disguise all the treachery, back biting, and underhanded tricks and tactics that are done in the dark behind the scenes.  We live in a capitalist country and hold all the cards and power as consumers, but we do not utilize it  At some point we all need to start looking further under the surface, asking questions, and becoming more consciously aware of where our money is going, and whom is actually profiting from our buying power.


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